Shooting at night is particularly challenging


The first episode of Dusty Faces was published four years ago and since then we have learned a lot that we could apply in this last part. To our great delight, the series has inspired many of you and of course us, and has found a large international audience. We would like to thank you all for that. We also want to thank the numerous supporters who make these projects possible in the first place. In this tenth episode we were also lucky enough to work with high quality stores like Nestor,Vincents Equipment, Warcopy and Verlag Kopf zusammenzuarbeiten.


The tenth episode also features new actors. On the one hand there is Jannis Roth, who took on a guest appearance. Although new to the setting, he didn't really let on and slipped into the role of a German occupation soldier in Poland. Another new face is that of Dagmar Neugebauer, who plays a Polish civilian. She plays a larger role in the episode and one that is important for the plot. How exactly this is connected to Otto and his comrades, you will have to be surprised. But this much is revealed. The Polish Home Army is also represented in this part. 

Adam doing some final touches, on the right Jannis Roth

Dagmar Neugebauer plays the Polish partisan Lilianka


Thus, it is also clear that we are in 1944 and the events take place in occupied Poland, more precisely, at the time of the Polish uprising. The Wehrmacht was holding its position on the Vistula River, awaiting the major offensive of the Soviet Army, which, however, failed to materialize for the time being. The actions of the Armia Krajowa in the rear of the German troops moved the leadership to carry out operations aimed at securing the rear area again. This is the situation in which Otto returns to the front. 


As in previous years, the episode is available first to our supporters. This exclusivity is an expression of our gratitude to all those who help us realize these projects. You can also download the episode already in Premium Release see. There are two ways to do this. You will see a Patreon Member or you can simply buy the episode via Paypal. In both cases you have instant access and no waiting time. The YouTube release for all is on July 1st. You are all welcome to join our YouTube premiere. 



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The release trailer for the tenth episode of VSDG

New tasks await the platoon leaders of the 2nd company


For a long time it was clear that there would be ten episodes of Verstaubt sind die Gesichter. Since then, we have received a lot of feedback and have also asked ourselves in the team whether the story of Otto and his comrades has been told to the end? The clear answer to this question is no. Therefore we are happy to announce that Verstaustt sind die Gesichter will continue. There will be four more episodes, which will tell the experiences of Otto during the war. 


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