Tristan Hebestreit moderates the crowdfunding video

Erfolgreiches Crowdfunding

In October of this year, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to realize the eleventh episode of "Verstaubt sind die Gesichter". Thanks to many generous supporters, the campaign also ended successfully. So we didn't flinch for long and quickly started filming. This time the shooting was divided into three blocks. The first two took place in Thuringia and the third in Saxony. Even though the weather played one or two tricks on us, we can announce that the episode is as good as finished except for a few reshoots and is already in editing. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Alte und neue Gesichter

In this episode we will meet some old acquaintances again. Of course Tristan Hebestreit will again Otto Degen embody. Otto's comrades will also be at his side again. They include Chris Greobing as the rather quiet Heinz Ilgen and Julian Priegelmeier as the front pig Wolfgang Jansen. The still absent in episode 10 Sergeant Krüger, played by George Baumgartl, will be part of the company again. Why he was absent, you will learn in the new episode. 

After the remnants of Captain Lyschewski's unit have been refreshed, many new faces are found in Otto's group. On the one hand, there is the African fighter Fährmann, played by Philipp Loh, and on the other hand, the two inexperienced soldiers Heintz Schneider and Emil Richter. The two are played by Robin Schnarrbach and Alexander Wolfshohl. We will tell you more about them in the future. 

George Baumgartl in front of the camera again

Otto is deployed with his unit in the Hürtgen Forest

An die Westfront

When the U.S. Army approaches the Reich's border and even takes Aachen as the first German city in October 1944, the Wehrmacht leadership is worried. More units are moved to the Western Front, including the newly formed Volksgrenadier Division, to which Otto and his comrades now belong. The script, written by Jonathan Williams is loosely based on the story of the 272nd Volksgrenadier Division. The division is hastily transferred to the Western Front and arrives in a forested plateau southeast of Aachen. This area, consisting of several forests, today bears the name Hürtgenwald.

Die Dreharbeiten

The filmmakers would prefer to shoot at original locations. In the case of the Hürtgen Forest, however, this was not possible. Even today, it is too dangerous to enter the forest too freely due to mines. Although certain paths are open and there are guided tours, filming was out of the question. Therefore, they took place in a piece of forest in Thuringia. This offered some advantages for the film team. Short supply and access routes offered the opportunity to use the few hours of sunshine in winter as effectively as possible. A big praise to the numerous extras and the actors! Not infrequently, a common saying made the rounds on PLW sets: "Film is waiting." So everyone held out in freezing temperatures, waiting for their cue.

Cameraman Ludwig, recording director Franka, showrunner Jonathan talking to historical consultant Hannes (from left to right).

Filmed with the new GH6 from Panasonic

Wann kommt die neue Folge

Unfortunately, we can't give you a specific date yet. But it will be worth the wait. Our cameraman and editor Ludwig and our musician Clemens Weinhold will work at full speed to finish the episode as soon as possible. So please keep your eyes open. There will be regular updates on Instagram and here on "Dusty Faces". If you also want to support our work, please have a look at our section "Support" to see the many ways you can get involved.

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