Daniel Grave and Marco Litta as the soldiers Manning and Hartwig


Was the story of the fictional character Otto Degen from "Dusty Faces" Built around numerous true experiences of various soldiers, our short film Lili Marleen is driven by one central story, an experience of Airforce pilot Jack Tueller, to whom this film is dedicated. 

Es ist eine ganz besondere Geschichte. Auch wenn wir uns als Filmemacher große Freiheit beim Erzählen genommen haben, ist die wahre Begebenheit nicht weniger beeindruckend. Wer sich nicht spoilern will, sollte eventuell bis zum Erscheinen des Films warten. Für alle anderen haben wir hier für euch die Geschichte, die uns inspiriert hat: Jack Tueller in Normandy 1944.


The script for the story was written by PLW's own author Jonathan Williams. Doch auch ein gutes Skript muss gut gespielt werden. In der Vorproduktion stellte sich also die Frage, wer die beiden Hauptrollen verkörpern könnte. Anders als bei Verstaubt sind die Gesichter, wo Großteils Laiendarsteller in die Rollen der Soldaten schlüpfen, wurde diesmal auf erfahrene Schauspieler gesetzt. Für die Produktion war es möglich die beiden Schauspieler Daniel Grave and Marco Litta for the roles. In addition, there were Saskia Keilbach an important guest appearance for the story. 

For the first time we were able to work with the make-up artist on this film Jana Erger who has become an integral part of the PLW team. You have already seen her work in "The fourth grave". sehen.

Tristan Hebestreit and Marco Litta as sharpshooters Hitzfeld and Hartwig

In the pouring rain, "DDay+2" spontaneously emerged


In film insurance terms, this is called force majeure, which happened to us during the weekend of shooting Lili Marleen. Originally, a large part of the shoot was supposed to take place on a weekend. Instead of the predicted 0.2 litres of rain, 15 litres of water fell from the sky. The shoot was therefore dead. However, since we had all the actors and extras on location, the short film was spontaneously created. "DDay+2".

Fortunately, everything went smoothly on the second weekend and we were able to complete the shoot successfully. But a film is made three times, as they say. In the script, during shooting and during editing. So we noticed during the editing that something was not quite right and another scene was reshot without further ado. Some of the actors and crew had to be rounded up again for that. But we are happy about it.


If we were to receive an Oscar one day, we would have to thank a lot of people. Fortunately, we don't need an award ceremony to say thank you. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to Urlag Entertainments who have always actively supported us in recent projects. In addition to Urlag himself, Hannes Reinhold is not only in role himself time and again, but also advises us behind the scenes in terms of military history. Further thanks also go to the team from BlenderSmithwho is not only responsible for the animation in Dusty are the Faces, but also contributed great animation in this film. A large part of the filming was also done on location by the BlenderSmith Team organisiert und ein hervorragendes Catering bereitgestellt. Ein großer Dank gilt auch den Komparsen, die teils durch ganz Deutschland gefahren sind. Und als Dankeschön für dich treuen PLW News Leser, gibt es schon mal den Trailer noch bevor er auf YouTube erscheint. Zu guter Letzt danken wir EPIC MILITARIAwho provided a lot of equipment and uniforms.


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A look behind the scenes of the filming of "Lili Marleen


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The new trailer for our short film "Lili Marleen

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