Adrian plays the main role in the new series


The main character of our new series has, as the title says, a little problem with violence. This is not by chance, but we don't want to reveal too much about it yet. The new series will be part of our Mafia genre. This time Adrian is not playing a mafiosi, as he did in More than Business or Limoncello, but in the further course of the series, let's reveal that there will be contact with one or the other mobster. Like the previous short films, the series is not set in any particular time or city. Since it is only possible to depict a specific decade with the greatest of effort, we decided to remain somewhat nebulous about when and where the series takes place. For example, even though the language is German, it still has an American flair.


So far, we have only shot the pilot episode. Our main genre remains of course the Second World War. But we also need creative breaks and excursions into other genres from time to time to avoid succumbing to WW2 fatigue. If the episode meets our expectations, we would like to continue the series.

In the pilot were besides Adrian and Davidwhich the one or the other surely knows from Kurland 44 and Soraya that you may have already seen in our Commercial to our store. Behind the scenes, we were also helped by Alex, who you can see in our latest film. The fourth grave you can see. This time, of course, he was not a Russian soldier, but helped us choreograph the fights.

If the whole thing has made you curious, then take a look at the first trailer for the series.


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Alex and David practice the fight choreography

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